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Culture building is a practice – and it can be taught.
Not a lot is taught about the fundamental principles required to make culture an engine for business success. We work with your unique circumstances and we stay away from prescriptive, commonplace answers. We will focus on your challenges and build your unique culture. You won’t be burdened as the only one responsible for culture. Instead, everybody will play a part in building what works for the company. This is ultimately the only way to create a culture that works.

It’s your culture – your way of getting things done and turning your vision into a reality.

Many culture firms focus entirely on surveys. Surveys alone are an outdated approach that identify arbitrary gaps and prescribe shallow solutions. Surveys set up an easy way to let leaders off the hook, to give them a sense that they are doing something, rather than actually leading the critical conversations about how the current culture (and sub-cultures) impede or accelerate business results. Other firms focus only on articulating values. But culture is created or destroyed every day through every interaction. A list of core values is not enough for people to learn how to apply those values everyday in ways that fulfill the company’s vision.

We’ve discovered the missing piece – beyond surveys and manifestos – that connects culture to strategy and to every employee’s daily work.

Our seven-step approach makes people feel good about themselves and about the company. We want to share it with you. Culture building is one of the most important skills for you to learn in the next five years. The 2016 Deloitte Human Capital Trends Report states,

” CEOs and HR leaders are focused on understanding and creating a shared culture, designing a work environment that engages people, and constructing a new model of leadership and career development.”

Yet, people don’t really know how to build and sustain culture – a culture that draws a boundary and says this is who we are and how we act in order to achieve our purpose for working together. You get that your culture matters. You know. You’re just not sure how to put the pieces together – especially when the pressures of growth are everywhere, demanding so much of your attention. How can we move through changes with relative ease – stay on the same page? How can we get some perspective and not feel so overwhelmed? That’s why we created the Culture in Action approach. We build seven vital skills for creating a culture that works for you. I mean – really WORKS for you – as if you suddenly have more resources – because things just move along more quickly and with less effort.
Bottom line: We’ll help you solve one or more significant business challenges within 3 months.
And your culture will be better for it when we’re done.

It’s your culture – your way of getting things done and turning your vision into a reality.

  1. Define the issue or opportunity.
  2. Give us three months and the necessary resources to work with the people involved.
  3. We will help you make significant progress on your challenge and strengthen your culture to tackle future challenges.

      Pricing will be based upon a percentage of the business value achieved. If you have a business opportunity or challenge that the team can’t quite crack, please give us a call to see how we might be able to help.


A descriptive paragraph that tells clients how good you are and proves that you are the best choice that they’ve made.

Hi There, I’m Greg Ranstrom. I’ve been a coach and teacher to hundreds of leaders. I used to spend a lot of time helping leaders in the midst of crisis and organization dysfunction. I was good at the work and I got an ego boost every time I rescued a client. But, every once and again I would work with a visionary leader who wanted to pay attention to culture early so that the company would thrive and avoid unnecessary crisis. Together we learned how to use a light touch to shift interactions toward positive outcomes. I began to wonder how I could help more leaders see what was possible with this proactive approach.

Since 2007, I began saying no to calls for the heroic rescue. I began working only with leaders who wanted to make their company even better. In the last three years, I have distilled the best of my work into the Culture in Action approach and we have now proven its effectiveness with early clients who still use the process and deepen their skills years after our initial engagement.
I have been exposed to and taught in some of the preeminent management and leadership development courses. I’ve created custom, top-level leadership development programs and process for huge companies like ExxonMobil, HP, Merck and Nestle, in the Americas, Europe and Asia. I’ve also worked with startups like the early Netflix and Invitrogen. My long-term relationship directing the Fellows program for the American Leadership Forum – Silicon Valley has been the best possible lesson in the leadership challenges of the 21st century. As a volunteer I apply all that I have learned helping my own community of Bend Oregon to thrive.

While it’s a privilege to work with many of the most influential leaders and organizations, the goal has always been to help any small or large purposeful community thrive. I get as excited about helping the community of families involved with the 4th grade soccer team that I coach as I do about working with a high profile management team.
I want to share these fundamentals to culture building with you. You and your team deserve a better culture building blueprint.

Let’s get started! Contact us now.

We know it’s not easy, the mission you’re on.

It can feel lonely when you’re leading the charge, and helping to drive change or facilitate transformation. That’s one of the reasons we created Culture in Action.