Toward Integrity, Building a Thriving Company

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Toward Integrity

Building a Thriving Company

Culture happens. Your culture can be described on a continuum from fragmented, conflict-ridden, and chaotic to integrated, aligned, and high-performance. As you grow and face new opportunities and obstacles, the culture moves one way or the other on this continuum – toward or away from integrity. Culture matters. The research is definitive. Companies with a thriving culture produce better results. Yet, only about one third of the companies out there have built healthy and productive cultures. These are the companies where:
  • People are fully engaged
  • Conflict is creative and energizing
  • Decisions stick
  • Great work gets done
  • Brand shows through actions
  • Great-fit employees are attracted (and poor fits are repelled)
  • Better and better customer relationships are created
Culture can be built. Thriving cultures are not built by surveys, posters, or even heroic leaders. Thriving cultures evolve everyday through every interaction. Thriving cultures are always moving toward integrity, toward alignment of values and actions.

Over the past 30 years, Greg Ranstrom has worked with hundreds of organizations and thousands of leaders in almost every industry. He has distilled the art and science of culture-building into deliberate practices in seven domains.

By developing skills in these seven domains, you and your team can make culture building second nature. This book shows you how.

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