Take Care of Business & Make
Your Culture Work

Right now, your business is experiencing
multiple tensions.

Some will be solved, some will fester, and some, if you manage them well, will cause the organization to evolve to its next healthy stage of growth. The solutions will not just be technical. There is a social component to almost every obstacle and opportunity you face as you grow your business. Platitudes and placards won’t move your business forward. Workplace culture is critical to high performance and so is focus on the business. That’s why we work real business challenges while we help our clients build strong and vital cultures. We help you get the social system right so that your business can be as successful as possible.


Do you have a simple way to sustain the best of your unique company culture – so that your culture works for you rather than against you?

The challenge is — while you might have the best idea and plan, the coolest hack, or disruptive technology — unless you can get everybody on the same page, working together, you’re not going to get the traction you really want. Is your culture working for you? How do you know?

Culture is working for you when:

  • People are fully engaged
  • Conflict is creative and energizing
  • Decisions stick
  • Work gets done
  • Your brand shows through your actions
  • You attract great-fit employees (and repel poor fits)
  • You attract better and better customers

You know culture matters.

Yet we’ve noticed most ideas about culture are rear-view reflections on success stories. They are specific to the particular company and its leader. We get recipes from Zappos, Disney or Southwest Airlines – but your business is different. What unique and vital culture will work for you – and how will you build it?

I have spent several years researching this question and talking with hundreds of successful business leaders who know how to make culture work for them. What I’ve discovered is exactly what I want to share with you.

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Let’s get to work on your culture so it can work for you!