Coaching and Culture Building by Examining Current Tensions

“I used to worry about how to become the leader I was supposed to be. Greg helped me figure out how to become the leader I’m actually meant to be. I am more effective and happier in every aspect of my life as a result of the work I did with Greg.” – Mary Dent, CEO Green Dot Bank
“Out of whack, fragmented, dysfunctional, stuck…I hear these phrases when clients call for help. They desire a path toward integrity – from fragmentation toward integration. Others who call might be doing well for the moment, but they know success and growth bring more challenges. They want the work to continue to flow, to hum, to thrive. They want congruence and coherence. They want integrity.”

This comes from the introduction of my upcoming book: Toward Integrity: Building a Thriving Business. Whether we are working with an individual, a team, or a whole organization, we address their purposes, behaviors, values, mindsets, assumptions, expectations, habits and interactions.

Our coaching helps you learn to act as your best self in the context of your unique circumstances and aligned with your personal goals. We pay attention to your “self in action” and our coaching method syncs perfectly with our “culture in action” approach so organizational leaders can benefit from the personal development aspects of coaching while also learning practices for culture building with their teams and their entire organization.

  • Move from fragmentation toward integration
  • Act from your best self
  • Learn the Culture in Action approach to implement with your team

Coaching and Culture Building by Examining Current Tensions

We examine the real and current tensions experienced by our clients. Tensions are not good or bad; they result from both obstacles and opportunities, and they are the source of growth and change. Tensions offer a window into your current state and desired future state. Within each tension raised, we confirm the values, mindsets, and behaviors that best express a team’s ideal culture or an individual’s ideal self. From each of these conversations, we commit to a next step action to move forward within the tension. The point isn’t to solve each tension – it’s to draw positive energy and productive action from the tensions. In this way, we address current issues while accessing your best self.

We teach seven vital skills, which we practice in every session. The skills are foundational human skills, but that doesn’t mean they come naturally. They require attention and practice. The sessions help our clients deepen their abilities in each of these skills over time. We start each session with a brief moment of silence, for example, so each person practices “presence” – letting go of distracting thoughts in order to focus energy and attention on the task at hand.

Coaching and Culture Building by Examining Current Tensions

A descriptive paragraph that tells clients how good you are and proves that you are the best choice that they’ve made.

Core Coaching Program

Four month engagement – Nine sessions – 60-90 minutes – telephone coaching

  • Intake and Orientation Session
  • Seven bi-weekly telephone coaching sessions
  • Completion Session
Alternative Intensive
Three day trek – We agree on a locale for a walking adventure – backpacking in the California Sierras or hiking lodge to lodge on a seashore, for example. This is an intensive one-on-one or small group coaching/guide experience to learn and practice the seven vital skills free from other distractions.